Strength Based Coaching

carol_1iResearch shows that people who identify and deploy their strengths in every major area of their lives are happier . . . and happy people live longer and are more productive.

The biggest challenge for individuals and companies is not a lack of expertise. It is tapping into the ability to use effectively whatever strengths and abilities you have.

Is this you?

  • I need to reinvent myself to cope with a changing environment.
  • I am too busy getting things done to stop and make a plan.
  • I want to grow my business, but I hate to market myself.
  • If I could just get more organized and stop procrastinating, I could be a lot more productive.
  • I am in a rut and can’t find the way out.
  • I want to get to the next level without working more hours.
  • I am constantly asked to do more with fewer resources.

If you see yourself in these statements, you are not alone. There are millions of really effective people like you who have not fully tapped into their strengths.

Would you like to have a life where you accomplish more with less struggle? That is what I help people create with Strength Based Coaching.

You can use your strengths to solve problems, grow your business or improve your personal effectiveness.

When you are operating from a strengths perspective, you . . .

  • are happier and more optimistic.
  • spend more time in “flow”.
  • spend less time doing tasks you dislike.
  • create a better “fit” in your life and work.
  • earn more with less struggle.

To find out more about whether strength based coaching is right for you, go to Is This You?