EFT & Z Point for Weight Loss
How To Stop Craving Sweets Stress, Anxiety, and Overeating

"I'll show you step-by-step exactly how to use this new technique to stop food cravings, and release any emotional issue you may have that contributes to overeating -- even if you have tried everything . . ."

From:EFT Weight Loss Expert
Carol Solomon, Ph.D.
Libertyville, IL 60048

Dear friend,

You've tried practically everything to lose weight.

But *something* just keeps getting in the way. 

That *something* is most likely stress, anxiety and/or food cravings.

These are the factors that get in the way of you losing the weight you want.

Over and over and over again.

You may even succeed temporarily, but eventually the weight creeps back on.

I hate that! 

Because I hate dieting, and I especially hate having to start things over again.

Why does this happen? 

Because we are "conditioned" to respond in certain ways, and we develop automatic habits and programs that are hard to break.

Welcome . . . my name is Dr. Carol Solomon. I am a Clinical Psychologist, Master Certified Coach, and the author of a book called "How To Stop Food Cravings and Lose Weight With EFT" and the EFT Weight Loss CD

I specialize in helping people lose weight and stop binge eating using personal coaching and energy techniques, like EFT.

EFT is an amazing energy technique that can help you stop food cravings, and neutralize the emotions that drive them.

If you've used EFT before, then you know what an effective tool it is. 

The problem is - even though you may know that EFT works, most people are not getting the results using EFT as effectively as they could be.

Here's the good news -

I've discovered how to combine it with another simple tool to make weight loss even easier.

Combining EFT and Z Point makes it easy to eliminate negative emotions, bad habits and automatic subconscious programs that lead us 
to keep reaching for sweet and salty foods!

What is Z Point?

Z Point is a simple releasing technique designed to help you eliminate negative emotions and bad habits.

It helps you to shift from feeling deeply upset to feeling deeply at peace within a very few minutes. You will learn that you do have complete control over your emotional state.

It's a simple process to learn.

Here is just some of what Z Point can do for you . . . 

  • Learn to RELEASE the emotions that lead to food cravings

  • Ward off the urge for sweets anywhere . . . anytime.

  • You can use it to erase negative patterns and bad habits 

  • Release your limiting beliefs that interfere with weight loss.

  • Learn how to feel calm and relaxed quickly so you won't be tempted to reach for food. 

  • You can stop sabotaging yourself (I'll show you how).

  • You can reduce the intensity of emotions and anxiety that lead to overeating.

  • You can improve your body image and feel more positive about yourself.

  • You can overcome your resistance to exercise and increase your motivation to lose weight.

  • You can stop feeling so frustrated, impatient and hopeless when things aren't going the way you want.

  • Ward off the urge for sweets anywhere . . . anytime.

So who else wants to have a quick and easy way 
to lose weight without dieting?

Z Point and EFT are simple and painless. There are no side effects, and they have very high effectiveness rates.

Best of all, you can take this training from the comfort of your own home or office and use it anywhere.

I’ll show you some simple shortcuts . . .

  I've been intensely studying all there is to know about using Z Point and EFT to stop cravings and lose weight. 

I personally lost 6 lb. in one week, while I was using these techniques (yes, that impressed me :-) 

   I'll teach you the exact step-by-step methods that I use myself and teach my clients every day. 

  They are all simple, experience-proven tools that can work for you too.

  Now, I want to be clear with you --  I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and have been in  practice for over 30 years. I specialize in helping people achieve lasting weight loss without dieting. I believe in keeping things simple and practical - strategies you can live with.

  EFT has been shown to interrupt the stress response by reducing cortisol. I believe in these techniques and the science behind them - I know that a lot of people just feel hopeless and want to give up, or think that it's too hard.

These are simple tools you can use to unlock your lifelong puzzle—to return you to your natural weight and end your struggle with food forever.

Announcing . . . New Teleseminar! 

Z Point and EFT For Weight Loss

In the all new teleseminar (all you need is a phone!) I'll be teaching you how to use Z point and how to combine it with EFT for weight loss.

Here are the details . . .

WHEN: 3 Tuesdays - April 18th, April 25th and May 2nd

TIME: 12 noon Eastern Time (11 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Pacific)
Check Start Time In Your Area

HOW: Telephone bridge lines – when you call in, you are instantly connected!

FEE: $97.00 US

Class #1 -- Introduction to Z Point 

  • Reducing negative emotions with Z Point
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and negative feelings easily and effortlessly
  • Lose weight easier when negative emotions are released

Class #2 -- Z Point for Resistance 

  • This class is critical to weight loss success

  • How to stop sabotaging your weight loss

  • What good is weight loss if you can't hang on to it?

Class #3 -- EFT  and Z Point Together to Amplify Your Results -

  • Get there faster and easier using Z Point and EFT together

  • 42 EFT / Z point statements specific to weight loss

  • Releasing bad habits and automatic programs that lead to weight gain

Plus you also get these Bonuses FREE:

BONUS #1 -- These classes will be recorded -- so even if you can't attend, sign up and you'll get recordings of the classes -- you can listen at your convenience as often as you want.

Bonus #2 -- The all new EFT - Z Point downloadable CD ($25 Value)

Z point and EFT for Weight Loss CD

Don't miss out on this valuable training -
this class will fill quickly!

Registration is easy. One Small Payment of $97 


EFT weight loss teleclass

PLEASE NOTE -  This class does not teach basic EFT - You should have a basic understanding of EFT before you take the class. Contact me to schedule an individual session if you aren't familiar with EFT.

Registering Is Easy and Secure . . .

  When you click on the "Add to Cart" button, you’ll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information. We use a third party secure processing company so your order information is kept completely confidential—only the processing company and your credit card company access the information.

   If you don't have a credit card or just prefer to order offline, contact me directly  Contact me

  Your order is processed immediately, and you’ll get a receipt for your purchase with a transaction number and an email with the call-in information in it. 

  The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes. At the time of the class, you just call the telephone number provided. 

  The CD download will be sent while the class is in session. When you get your download, review the entire CD, then use the tracks that are most helpful and relaxing for you. Try the techniques for a few weeks. You’ll start noticing a difference right away, and it will encourage you to continue to use it more.

  Whatever happens, you’ll use the CD and the class recordings as a constant reference as you go through this new learning process.

Consider this . . .

  If there is just a chance that this class  will give you the boost that you need to have this whole concept of weight loss work better for you . . .that you can have a tool literally in your fingertips to use whenever you want . . .

  If there is just the possibility that you will save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on diets, diet products, pills and expensive surgeries . . . 
Most people would consider that kind of freedom to be priceless.

After you register, you will receive an email with the bridge number to call at the time of the class. 

These are the most exciting and effective techniques I have learned in a long, long time. I hope you will join us for this class.


P.S. This class will fill up quickly! REGISTER NOW!

EFT weight loss teleclass

Hi Carol,

I took your Z-Point for Weight Loss class a couple of weeks ago, and it has been immensely helpful to me -- really magical! 

Broke the "automatic" or "hand-to-mouth" eating I was doing. Such a relief (and decrease in stress) to be able to eat normally and healthily without having to "fight" all the time to control it. Thank you so much!


Hi Carol,     

I would like to let you know how I experienced the teleseminar. I experience having more freedom of choice regarding food. I realize that I'm tired and not hungry. In the process of listening to the recording and get a grip on what's moving me I lost 5 to 6 pounds.


Dear Carol,

     Eight days ago, I bought and downloaded your book about using EFT for weight loss.  I have been working on changing my eating habits for over a year and a half .  I lost the first 25 pounds easily enough, but hit a snag and have been unable to shed any more pounds.  I have been stalled for about a year.  I kept up the program because of other health benefits, but was very frustrated about not losing.  I have lost 5 pounds in one week!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Judy Richardson

I used it Z Point very effectively in my own weight loss, to help with better eating and to keep motivated with exercise. I thank ZPoint with my losing almost 40lbs!

Karen S.


EFT weight loss teleclass

It will be the single best decision you make.

I can help you. But you’ve got to take the 1st step.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Warm regards,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC
Carol Solomon, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Master Certified Coach

128 Newberry Avenue
Libertyville, IL 60048
Contact me

PS—Every strategy in this class will help you feel less anxious, less stressed and more calm. These are the same successful techniques that I use in my own life and teach to my coaching clients. I know they can work for you too. 

PPS--If you get stuck, or need private coaching, I’ve included my phone number and contact information so you can get extra support if you need it.

PPPS--Don't wait to get this part of your life handled. 

Click Here To Register Now

After I got the first e-mail from you I did a Z point meditation re my weight and have had AMAZING results......have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, have been eating healthfully with ease.  It’s a DREAM!


I love the simplicity and ease of this method.  It seemed to trigger my unconscious from the start: all I would have to do is think of my “word” and most of the pull unnecessary eating was exerting on me dissolved.  I lost two pounds the first week with almost no effort, which is huge for me! 

Carol’s voice in class and on the CD is so soothing yet powerful; she seems to reach in to touch my subconscious – I can feel my issues and resistance melting away. After each session I feel lighter, more peaceful, clear, and best of all – empowered to control my eating!  Thank you, Carol. 

Kathy Burnett

"I love your clarity.  I listened to your free webinar earlier today and I have perhaps never heard anyone discuss eating issues and a logical path to dealing with them in such a "reasonable" and non-judgmental fashion."

Pam Lester

Hi Carol:

After the first week of Z Point - In short I have had a great week – feeling at peace, centered, and more accepting of the things in my life. I am much more in tune with my body, and have found myself eating less – not as a matter of being disciplined, but as a matter of realizing I am full, and not needing to eat more. 

There have been a few times when I found myself missing my attachment to food – thinking something must be wrong in that I am not wanting to be satisfied by my old friend food. Then that passes, and I find myself being much more mindful of what I am eating. 

I don’t feel that I am dieting, I am just much more in tune with my body. 

Elaine Costescu

Dear Carol

I just hung up from your first call of the program, and feel totally relaxed and optimistic. This is huge for me! I have been struggling with excess weight 
for decades, with little success. In the past year, I have tried harder, especially after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have managed to lose 25 pounds, and to keep it off. But I have a good 40 pounds to go, to arrive at a healthy weight. Rather than continuing to lose weight, I have been in the throes of compulsively consuming scary amounts of unhealthy, sugar-and-fat-drenched foods on a daily basis for months.

"I LOVED this first call!. After two rounds I felt relaxed, relieved and HOPEFUL. At the end, I had the feeling that I can at last honor my body by being free of sugar cravings, and eating sensibly. Now I have the urge to go cook some broccoli. :) 

THANK YOU, CAROL! I look forward to the next call with great anticipation."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! - I have been thinking about how to stop struggling with myself- it is what makes me fail over and over again. I have been missing that piece of the puzzle - I just did not know how people lose weight and keep it off! 

I feel like someone has finally shown me a door that I can start walking towards and go through." L.D.

Hi Dr Solomon

I have just listened to the third week of the class. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty and clear application of Z point to weight loss.
I thought it was sooooo powerful. Most of the statements at the beginning I could identify with and they brought up a lot of emotion. 

Given that I have tapped with several EFT practitioners about weight loss I was amazed at my reaction. It also gave me a wonderful sense of feeling that you understood what my problems with weight loss are and with full acceptance. This is so wonderful. Then I moved to a great peace and acceptance and hope.

I am so pleased that I took this class. It has made a difference already - just doing more dog walking, making better choices re meals without feeling the resistance and also an acceptance of eating things I like without guilt!

I have still a way to go but I am in a much better place for having taken your class. Can't thank you enough.

Kind regards

Due to my schedule, I did not attend your seminar live, thus always listened after the fact. I loved it. This was my first introduction to Z point and I can see where it enhances EFT. On the third and last seminar I could not stop relaxing and actually fell asleep for a few seconds off and on during the process. Weird -- and I am aware that this often happens during the releasing process. I’m looking forward to repeating the class again a couple of times.

I capped each session off by laying down and telling my subconscious that it will be free to continue to work on this process for the next 10 – 15 minutes. 

Seems to work as I found myself, after the second class, working on solutions on increasing my aerobic activity safely – sooo cool. 


Z Point Wt Loss Class 
I would go down to a weight right before a breakthrough number for me, and the minute I'd see it, I'd get really anxious and go right back up. I didn't know what was triggering it, and I'd been working on this issue for a year. Putting the "loop" into the circle really made a significant difference - as a result, there was a 3 lb. weight loss. But it's  really about how I'm feeling... I've selected a food plan that works for me, and it's the first time I've actually been able to stay on it for a week.


I have noticed a shift in my eating habits, that I just don't want some things that I did previously, and I stop eating at an appropriate point without even thinking about it. I lost 1-1/2 pounds last week.


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